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Calin Coffee


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Fall in love with one of the world’s most revered coffee methods with Eclipse. Beloved by all for its mad-scientist appearance and extraordinarily smooth coffee, siphon coffee’s certainly something every true coffee lover should be able to make at home.

Brewing siphon coffee involves creating a vacuum that forces the water in the lower 360ml chamber to rise up to the upper chamber, where the grounds are stored. Once water makes contact with the grounds, the brewing begins.

Basic Instructions

  • Fill the bottom chamber with 11.33fl oz of hot water and light the alcohol burner below it.
  • Insert the cloth filter into the upper chamber and pour in 20g of medium-coarse coffee grounds.
  • Attach the upper chamber to the lower bulb and start a timer when the water rises.
  • After 30 seconds of water/coffee contact, stir the grounds slightly.
  • After 2 total minutes of brewing, remove the siphon from the burner.
  • Once the brewed coffee drains, remove the upper chamber and enjoy.
  • The clever stainless steel and cloth filter combo keep all grounds out of your brew. However, it does let the coffee’s natural oils through, which is what gives the coffee its wildly exotic aroma.

When you’re ready to stop the extraction, you simply remove the flame from below the Eclipse. The brewed coffee will fall, but the grounds will remain in the upper chamber. Once the device cools, you can move the upper chamber to the dedicated storage location built into the stand so you can pour out your brew.

Both glass pieces are made of strong borosilicate glass and the other parts—the silicone band, metal stand, and alcohol burner—will last for years.

Note: alcohol and extra wicks are not included.


Smooth Siphon Coffee – Beloved by the coffee world, as a high-end coffee type, syphon coffee has a particularly creamy mouthfeel and stunning aromatics.

Mad Scientist Brewing – While brewing with a syphon will make you look like a mad scientist, it’s actually an easy enough process for coffee lovers of all types to enjoy.

Easy Alcohol Burner – The flame from the wick will stay the ideal temperature for syphon brewing once you light it.

Reusable Cloth Filters – Allows natural coffee oils through to produce an extra-creamy body and strong aromatics, all while being more sustainable than paper filters.

Strong Construction – Build with strong borosilicate glassware, food-grade plastic and silicone, and strong metal to keep the syphon functioning for years.

Multi-Purpose Stand – The syphon stand enables you to store the upper syphon chamber easily to reduce drips and spills while still giving you complete functionality.



MaterialsBorosilicate Glass, BPA-Free Plastic, Silicone, Metal

Capacity: 12.2fl oz

Dimensions160mm (W) x 95mm (D) x 333mm (H)



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