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Calin Coffee


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Have you ever tried mixing sugar or cream in your coffee with a traditional spoon? Sucks, right?

Not with Pulse! Designed thoughtfully, with brewing requirements in mind, Pulse is an  Ultra-Modern and Chic coffee spoon, made of 304 stainless steel material, which is more durable than normal silverware.

It has the Magic of Retro style, while maintaining it's most practical aspect - Uniform Absorption of the Constituents in Your Cup.



1- Made of high-quality anti-rust stainless steel, non-toxic, rust, and corrosion-resistant.

2- A creative square shaped spoon is perfect for mixing while the shovel shaped spoon can also be used to enjoy ice-cream.

3- Smooth edges will not cause any injuries to lips and gums.



Size: square: 15.5*3.3cm

Material: stainless steel

Package list: 2 x square heads and 2 x shovel head spoons (Set of 4 classy spoons)


  • Stainless Steel


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